Legrand AV – Middle Atlantic RackLink Crestron Home™ Driver


This RackLink® driver manages communication with the RackLink® products. You will be able to control the power status of the RackLink® Select, Premium, and Premium + via TCP/IP. 

The RackLink® Control Protocol Access must be enabled to allow communication with the  Crestron Home™ processor. The unit should have a static IP address or a MAC address reservation on the router.


  • RackLink Series control via IP/TCP communication.
  • User has the ability to define which outlets are available for control.
  • Outlet names are setup and read from the RackLink® product.


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • Login Credentials

    The Driver should have the correct IP Address and appear online before it can attempt to log into the PDU.

    • Select and Premium series

    Access to the control protocol is disabled by default, to block unauthorized access until properly set up. In the case of Select and Premium models, it will be unlocked at the first webpage login, when the password is set. The Crestron driver should username “user”, It might not work properly with the username “admin” the password entered on the driver should be the same as the password set for the Control System password in the PDW web interface section PASSWORDS settings

    • Premium Plus

    When using the PremiumPlus, the protocol must be manually enabled via the checkbox in Device Setting -> Network Services -> Control Protocol. Being that the Premium+ has configurable accounts, there is no default “user” login for the control protocol. Instead, the login command’s username and password can reference any created user account that has admin rights and the control protocol enabled.

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