AprilAire 88XX series Crestron Home™ Driver


This driver will control the AprilAire 88XX series thermostats. It has support for basic operations such as adjusting setpoints, system modes, and fan modes, as well as supporting sequences.

Note: This driver will not control the 8800 model.

This driver comes with a 2-hour trial license.


This driver comes with a 2-hour trial license.


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AprilAire HVAC 88XX IP CH Manual

  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • The driver is not getting information from the thermostat
    • Check the IP address and port (8000 by default) configuration on the driver and the thermostat.
    • Make sure the thermostat and the Crestron Home processor are on the same network and they can communicate between them. Make sure there are no network restrictions that filter TCP port 8000.
    • In order for the thermostat to be controlled by a control system, you will have to enter the installer setup on the thermostat and change it to “Home Automation” mode. Each thermostat has a different way to get into the installer setup and the settings are also laid out different. Please refer to the thermostat manual or contact AprilAire tech support for instructions.
  • The setpoints values shown on the UI are not exactly the same as on the thermostat display, when using the Celsius units

    The setpoints values on the driver displays a rounded number. This is a limitation on the Crestron widget that is used, it can only display whole numbers.

  • The setpoints increments and decrements are not exactly by the minimum value, on the Celsius units system

    The setpoints increment and decrement by 1° by default with this driver.

  • Can I control more than one thermostat with this driver?

    The driver only controls a single thermostat at a time. You will need to add additional driver instances, one for each thermostat (Eg. you have 5 AprilAire tstats, you will need to add 5 driver instances). If all the drivers are running on a single processor, you will just need one license key for all the AprilAire drivers.

  • Why this driver does not control the 8800 model?

    The 8800 thermostat model does not have Wi-Fi connectivity

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