Blackdove Crestron Home™ driver


The Blackdove driver manages the communication to a Blackdove enabled device. This device can be either a Blackdove appliance or the Blackdove app running on a third party device, such as an Apple TV or a Smart TV.


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BlackDoveCcd Driver - Manual

  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • How to update the Device Name and License on the Installer settings

    On the Crestron Home™ Setup App, select the gear icon on the Blackdove driver instance to be updated. Select the Installer Settings tab. Update the Device Name and License information as needed, then press O.K.

    After updating the Installer Settings tab, the Control tab information needs to be refreshed by reentering the user name or the password. Rebooting the Crestron Home™ processor from the Setup App is another valid method to refresh the Control tab information.

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