DaVinci Fireplace Crestron Home™ driver


This DaVinci main features includes:

Flame on, Flame Off, Flame Toggle, Flame Level, Heat Exchanger Fan On, Heat Exchanger Fan Off, Heat Exchanger Fan Toggle, Heat Exchanger Fan Speed, Auxiliary Burner On, Auxiliary Burner Off, Auxiliary Burner Toggle, Lamp On, Lamp Off, Lamp Toggle, Lamp Level, LED Color Control, LED Fade Time Control, LED Dwell Time Control, and LED Pulse Toggle.


The DaVinci Fireplace driver enables the Crestron Home™ (CH) processors to have control over the Davinci Fireplace functionalities utilizing the benefits of RS-232 serial communication.  The processor will have control over the main DaVinci features.


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

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