Binary MoIP Crestron Home™ Driver


The Binary MoIP driver communicates over IP to the Binary MoIP controller. Crestron Home™  will command the MoIP controller to route video and audio from the sources associated with the Binary MoIP transmitters to the receivers.


Supported Features

  • Input Routing: 50 x  50 AV Switcher
  • Added Binary endpoint RS-232 COM port communication support


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • How to enable debug messages out to TX

    Brief steps are text console into the processor, do enableprogramcmd, find out the driver ID via ccdinfo. Enable logging by using ccdlogging id on. Than follow up by doing ccdtxdebug id on. This will print the exact text that’s being sent out to the device. Turn it off by doing ccdlogging id off.

  • Does the driver support controlling devices via IR/232/CEC?

    At the moment, the driver doesn’t support controlling other devices connected to the Binary room box. A future update will add this support.

  • How can I send one physical input to many devices (driver) inputs?

    Crestron Home manages input loop-outs using virtual adapters. The adapters are placed in the Crestron Home configuration as a hub between the source and the devices. The physical source is landed on the adapter’s input, and the adapter outputs are landed on the device's input as needed. The most commonly used adapters are the Universal A/V Adapter and the Uncontrolled Generic A/V DA. They are shown under the "Other" category below "Drivers".

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