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The Elk Driver will manage security from your Crestron Home project through advanced options that will provide status, Arming options and keypad emulation, status exposing through sequences, events notifications and custom arming options.

Notice: Crestron has resolved the previously stated issue of this driver causing UI slowdown. You should update to at least processor firmware 3.013 and on Android/TSW, CH App version 1.22 or higher. If you were issued a basic license in the past to work around the slowdown issue, you may  replace the basic license with your purchased PRO license in the driver’s settings.

Please make sure to read below the full description of the driver before purchasing.

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The Elk Driver will manage security from your Crestron Home project through advanced options that will provide status, Arming options and keypad emulation, status exposing through sequences, events notifications and custom arming options.

For a temporary test license or other questions contact us through drivers@digitalautomation.us

Note: Due to the nature of this product, any and all sales are final, and NO refund will be issued. It is highly recommended and encouraged to use the built-in trial license to test the driver with your hardware setup before purchasing a full license. The trial period is 2 hours and can be extended another 2 hours by rebooting the processor.

Before calling, review the Driver help file and FAQ section for the Driver as our support is limited to questions about configuration and setup only. Any hardware configuration mentioned in the driver manual are the responsibility of the integrator. If you have hardware-related questions, such as wiring or addressing, we advise reaching out directly to the manufacturer for assistance. Additional support, beyond driver configuration, requires the purchase of service hours before guidance will be provided.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy without notice.

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ELK CH Driver




Control Multiple Partitions

Bypass all zones

Individual Zone Status / Feedback

Ability to bypass and un-bypass individual zones

Ability to have a static list of zones be available for bypass

Exposes Arm Away, Arm Stay, Disarm, Bypass all, and Function Keys through sequences

Event notifications when the system is armed or disarmed

Ability for arm to vacation by pressing the Exit button a second time during the exit timer

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Elk Security – Basic, Elk Security – Pro


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SecuritySystem_Elk_M1_IP- Manual

  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • What do I need to do in order to get the driver to connect? It just shows offline
    • Make sure the Elk is online. Try pinging the IP Address to make sure it is online. Use a telnet client like Putty to confirm the Elk is accepting connections. Using Putty, connect to the IP address of the Elk on port 2101. If you get a connection refused message, it means the Elk is not properly setup.

    • You need to make sure the Elk and the M1XEP is properly configured. The M1XEP needs port 2101 and unsecured to be enabled. See example screenshot.

    • Make sure the Elk configuration software is not connected when you test the driver. If it is disconnect it.
  • What other configuration do I need to do on the Elk?

    Make sure under Globals > G29-G42 (Special) > Serial Port 0 Transmit Options, that all the checkboxes are marked, as shown in the example screenshot.

  • The driver asks to specify the zones being used, why?

    The driver need to properly poll each zone defined in the system separately. By specifying the exact zones that are used, it will allow the processor to ignore non-used zones and quickly get the needed information. Note that this is not intended to be a way to exclude zones from being monitored. If you do not want a zone to be monitored, than you’ll have to configure it as such on the Elk.

  • How can I test just the basic features of the driver?

    Please send an email to drivers@digitalautomation.us requesting a basic driver trial license so you can compare the differences.

  • Can you implement Xyz feature? OR I think I might’ve found a bug.

    Please send an email to drivers@digitalautomation.us. If it’s a bug, please also let us know the steps to reproduce the issue. If it’s a feature request, keep in mind there is no guarantee that we will add it as we prioritize what is currently in demand. We do offer a service where you can pay to have a specific update prioritize, please contact us for more details if interested.

  • Can I get a longer trial time?

    Please send an email to drivers@digitalautomation.us to request a longer trial license.

  • Why is the zone list/status not always available? It shows up for a split second and then goes away or doesn't show at all.

    The Driver only reports actively faulted zones and the list disappears when nothing is faulted. If it’s showing and disappearing then that zone is only staying tripped briefly. The driver does have a new option that allows you to define zones that are always available for bypass. This will show up as a second button below the faulted list button.

  • Does the driver work with a Elk C1M1?

    Although we have not directly tested the driver with a C1M1, Elk has stated to us that it is compatible and should work. Elk has also advised that there are reports of the C1M1 locking up when used with 3rd party control systems (not just with Crestron Home).

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