Sonance DSP Amplifier Crestron Home™ driver


  • Manages communication to the Amplifier via TCP/IP
  • Supported Features: Disconnect, Reconnect, Feedback, Set Audio Input Source, Audio Input Feedback, Warm Up Time, Cool Down Time, Change Volume, Discrete Mute, Discrete Power, Set Volume, Maximum Volume Limit.
  • Supported Models: DSP 2-750 MKII, DSP 2-150 MKII, DSP 8-130 MKII


This Sonance DSP Amplifier driver manages the communication to the amp via TCP/IP. The driver provides individual volume control as well as the ability to switch inputs.


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • On Room on volume feedback doesn’t match actual startup volume. It syncs up after I send a volume command.

    Start up volume needs to be setup on CH. Please see the “Setting Start-up Volume” sections on the driver manual.

  • Volume level jumps whenever I turn my room on.

    Please make sure that the start up volume on the Sonance is -70 to avoid the sudden volume jump whenever a room turns on. Please see the “Setting Start-up Volume” sections on the driver manual.

  • Maximum Volume Level

    Each output provides the option to set the maximum volume level. The valid values range from -70 to 12 dB. No decimals, units, nor letters are allowed. Out of range values or invalid characters default the maximum value to 12 dB. 

    When Crestron commands the amplifier, the maximum volume values set on the driver will take priority over the maximum levels set on the Sonance DSP amplifier web interface.

  • Turn On Volume

    After completing the routing configuration, go to "Customize Actions & Events".

    Then, Select the room and Media Zone Events.

    Select “Media Zone On” on the left column. Choose “Sequence” and “Media Operations” in the middle column. Add a 1-second delay and a “Set Volume” from the Media Operation selection to the sequence. Enter the turn on room volume level (In %) in the dialog box that will appear when adding the Set Volume option.

    After setting the start-up volume on CH, go to the Sonance configuration page and set the startup volume to the lowest level possible, in this example, -70. The intent is to have CH be the single point of control and to avoid any jumps in volume level when the room is turned on.

  • How can I send one physical input to many devices (driver) inputs?

    Crestron Home manages input loop-outs using virtual adapters. The adapters are placed in the Crestron Home configuration as a hub between the source and the devices. The physical source is landed on the adapter’s input, and the adapter outputs are landed on the device's input as needed. The most commonly used adapters are the Universal A/V Adapter and the Uncontrolled Generic A/V DA. They are shown under the "Other" category below "Drivers".

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