ESI R2D7 Crestron Home™ driver


This R2D7 driver will communicate with the ESI bridge to control shades. It is compatible with Crestron Home.

Please make sure to read below the full description of the driver before purchasing.


This R2D7 driver will communicate with the ESI bridge to control shades. It is compatible with Crestron Home.

Note: Due to the nature of this product, any and all sales are final, and NO refund will be issued. It is highly recommended and encouraged to use the built-in trial license to test the driver with your hardware setup before purchasing a full license. The trial period is 2 hours and can be extended another 2 hours by rebooting the processor.

Before calling, review the Driver help file and FAQ section for the Driver as our support is limited to questions about configuration and setup only. Any hardware configuration mentioned in the driver manual are the responsibility of the integrator. If you have hardware-related questions, such as wiring or addressing, we advise reaching out directly to the manufacturer for assistance. Additional support, beyond driver configuration, requires the purchase of service hours before guidance will be provided.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy without notice.


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • What are the most important troubleshooting steps?

    1) The Crestron Home system loses control of the devices 30 minutes after reboot.

    • Please check the license.

    2) There is no control of any unit on the ESI R2D7.

    • Check that power to the unit is being provided on the port for system 1.
    • Check the wiring pinout. The wiring cable used should be straight-through.
    • Check that there are no 2 R2D7IPtoSerial Drivers with the same TCP Port.
    • Check that the ESI R2D7 Driver TCP port matches the TCP port of the R2D7IPtoSerial Driver controlling the COM port where the R2D7 is connected.

    3) After making adjustments to the driver in the Installer Settings, I can only control the first shade.

    • On iOS device, make sure you completely exit the Home app and than restart the Home app. On Crestron touchpanels, make sure you reboot the panel. This will force the panel to pull down the latest UI update from the processor.

  • What is the R2D7IPtoSerial Driver?

    The R2D7IPtoSerial works in tandem with the ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver. It helps to manage the communication with the R2D7.  Each instance of the R2D7IPtoSerial will manage the communication on a single COM Port. Each instance should have a unique TCP port. The ESI R2D7 driver is part of the ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver package.

  • Can I Control multiple R2D7 units connected to multiple COM ports?

    Yes, The ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver allows the system to control multiple devices connected to multiple COM ports. Each COM port will need a dedicated R2D7IPtoSerial Driver.

  • Why does the ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver ask for an IP Address if it uses serial communication?

    The IP address is used to set the communication between the ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver and the R2D7IPtoSerial Driver. It should be set as the loopback address to let the system know that both drivers are part of the same system.

  • Why does the ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver ask for a TCP port if it uses serial communication?

    The TCP port works as an identifier for the R2D7IPtoSerial Drivers. Each R2D7IPtoSerial Driver must have a unique TCP port.  The ESI R2D7 Crestron Home Driver uses the TCP port to select the corresponding COM port.  As an example, let's use 2 ESI R2D7s connected to 2 different COM ports in the system. Each R2D7 controls units in 5 locations. The Crestron Home system would implement 2 R2D7IPtoSerial Drivers to manage the COM ports. Each driver will have 1 unique TCP port number. No 2 R2D7IPtoSerial Drivers can have the same TCP port. For this example, the port numbers are 64501 and 64502. The Crestron Home would implement 10 ESI R2D7 Drivers, One per location. Five of the drivers would use the TCP port number 64501 and the other five 64502.

  • Would set the System Number to 0 allow the driver to control all the systems?

    No, setting the system number to 0 would only allow the driver to control systems 1 through 7. It will not include the radio channels.

  • Would set the channel ID to 00 allow the driver to control all the units in all the channels of a system?

    Yes, setting the channel ID to 00 would allow the driver to control all the units in the 60 channels of a system.

  • How do you add the shade controls to a keypad?

    You can add shade controls to your Keypads by creating quick actions. You can add these quick actions to any room. Then chose to have them shown or not on the UIs by selecting and editing the property using the eye symbol next to the quick action.

    Then you can reference the quick action on any keypad as shown in the next snapshot.

  • How to Enable Logs on a Driver Using Toolbox Text Console?

    Connect to the Crestron Home processor with toolbox text console

    1. Send the command enableprogramcmd

    2. Send the command ccdinfo . Look for the driver and take note of the driver ID.

    3. Send the command ccdlogging ID on

    4. Once all the needed information is gathered, send the command ccdlogging ID off . It is important to disable the ccdlogging at the end to avoid performance issues.

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