Honeywell/Resideo Thermostat for Crestron Home™ driver


This driver will control thermostats that have been paired with the Honeywell Home app. Thermostat model includes T5, T6 Pro, T9, T10 Pro & Lyric Round.

Important Note: This driver will not control thermostats imported from the older TCC app. Honeywell/Resideo has removed support for controlling those thermostats from their Honeywell Home API until further notice.


This driver comes with a 2-hour trial license.

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Generate Honeywell Authorization Code

Please enter the Consumer Key you previously get from your Honeywell developer account.

Please enter the Consumer Key GET CODE

After getting the authorization code, please refer to the user manual to continue with the configuration steps.


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • Why do I need to create a Honeywell Home developer account?

    Each developer account is limited to a certain number of access to Honeywell Home’s API every month. To get around this problem, we require that you create and use your own developer account.

  • If I upgrade the driver, do I have to go through the process of authorizing the thermostats?

    Not necessarily, when you first install the driver and enter the authorization code, if it’s successful, it will create a config file on the processor. This config file will remain on the processor unless you manually remove it. When you install a new version of the driver, leave the authorization code empty and it will automatically pick up the file and use the information in their to make its request. It is important that the instance number matches the previous driver.

  • Why are TCC thermostats not supported? The Honeywell Home app allows me to import and control them.

    The problem is Honeywell doesn’t let you authorize any thermostats that have been paired with the TCC app for third party control via the Honeywell Home API. Until Honeywell allows the authorization, TCC thermostats remain unsupported by this driver. There is a dedicated API for TCC thermostats but we have been unsuccessful so far in getting access. If you know someone from Honeywell/Resideo who can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out and get us connected.

  • The folder in the CH Setup App doesn’t up after I put in all the information for the driver.
    • Make sure the processor has access to the internet.
    • Make sure you are not re-using the authorization code. Once an authorization code has been used, it can not be used again.
    • Make sure that when you defined the app in the website, you specified the return url/uri as None and not none (case sensitive).
  • What is the Instance Number for and what should I put in?

    The concept of the instance number is the same as how it’s used in the Crestron SIMPL HVAC Scheduler module. The instance number is used to create a unique filename on the processor so that it stores the token information needed to make requests. In normal circumstances you can leave it as one. You would need to change the instance number if the thermostats were paired to separate user accounts and you wanted to provide them access to thermostats from both accounts. An example of this is if the main house thermostats are paired to one user account and the guest house thermostats are paired to a separate user account. If you want thermostats from both properties to show up, you would need to add 2 instances of the platform driver, and each instance would need a unique instance number to work properly.

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