CI-Somfy-RTS Crestron Home™ driver


This driver manages to communicate to the hardware, via the processor’s COM port, in order to control the shades that have been paired.

The driver can be found in the CH Setup App under Drivers > Platform > Somfy > CI-Somfy-RTS.

You will need an RS232-to-RS485 converter in order to use this driver to talk to the CI-Somfy-RTS hardware!

Note: Please verify the hardware make and model that you have. Check if the hardware image on our site matches the hardware that you have. If it looks substantially different, then the driver likely won’t work, but you can always contact us to be sure. Take full advantage of the trial period to verify the driver will work for your hardware.

Please make sure to read below the full description of the driver before purchasing.


This CI-Somfy-RTS driver manages to communicate to the hardware, via the processor’s COM port, in order to control the shades that have been paired.

The driver can be found in the Crestron Home Setup App under Drivers > Platform > Somfy > CI-Somfy-RTS.

Note: Due to the nature of this product, any and all sales are final, and NO refund will be issued. It is highly recommended and encouraged to use the built-in trial license to test the driver with your hardware setup before purchasing a full license. The trial period is 2 hours and can be extended another 2 hours by rebooting the processor.

Before calling, review the Driver help file and FAQ section for the Driver as our support is limited to questions about configuration and setup only. Any hardware configuration mentioned in the driver manual are the responsibility of the integrator. If you have hardware-related questions, such as wiring or addressing, we advise reaching out directly to the manufacturer for assistance. Additional support, beyond driver configuration, requires the purchase of service hours before guidance will be provided.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy without notice.


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CI-SomfyIPToSerial- Manual

  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • Why do I need an RS232-to-RS485 adapter?

    Currently this is needed for a couple reasons. The most obvious is that this will allow you to use any COM port available on any CH processor. The primary reason is that although the hardware support RS485, the CH driver framework currently does not support utilizing it.

  • Is there a recommended RS232-to-RS485 adapter to use?

    Currently, we were able to successfully test using this DTECH adapter from Amazon. On a CP4R, we noticed that if you want to use COM 1, you will first need to select another COM port (such as COM 2) during install and then switch to COM 1. If you use any COM port other then 1, than you don’t need to do this. If you encounter any other adapters that work, you may let us know at We’ll update this post as we encounter other adapters that have been reported with success.

  • How do you add the shade controls to a keypad?

    You can add shade controls to your Keypads by creating quick actions. You can add these quick actions to any room. Then chose to have them shown or not on the UIs by selecting and editing the property using the eye symbol next to the quick action.

    Then you can reference the quick action on any keypad as shown in the next snapshot.

  • How can I control all or a group of shades at once?

    In order to control all or a group of shades at once, you will need to pair all the shades to a single channel. If for some reason it’s not possible to do this, than an alternative is to define a quick action and add the shades you want to control to the quick action. The disadvantage with this option is that the shades will move in a staggered manner.

  • How do I wire the RS232-to-RS485 adapter between the Crestron processor and the Somfy transmitter?

    On the RS232 side, from the processor, you connect tx from the processor to the rx on the adapter and rx on the processor side to tx on the adapter. Ground from the processor goes to ground on the adapter. On the RS485 side, you would wire the TX/RX+ from the adapter side, to the + on the Somfy transmitter and the TX/RX- from the adapter to the - on the Somfy transmitter. Although wiring RS485 ground is optional, it is recommended to connect ground from the adapter to ground on the device. The example image below shows how the wiring should look like between the adapter and the Somfy transmitter.

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