Somfy-SDN Crestron Home™ driver


  • Manages communication between the SDN driver and the Crestron Home™ (CH) processor’s COM port.
  • Control the shades available in any given room.
  • Control shades individually or in groups using the motor or group addresses.
  • Requires a processor that supports RS485 communication.


The SDN-IPToSerial driver manages the communication between the SDN driver and the Crestron Home™ (CH) processor’s COM port.

You will need an RS232-to-RS485 converter in order to use this driver to talk to the SDN hardware. 

The shade configuration such as limits, IDs, and groups must be set in the motors using Somfy provided software like the SDN Motor Configuration Software, or the SDN Configuration Tool.

This driver will not have any functions when using the Home app. For this reason, we recommend creating a room that will be hidden (In this case we’ll call it Rack) to add the SDN driver into the CH user interface.


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  • What preparation do I need to do before installing the driver?

    It is recommended that you save a configuration or golden configuration before installing any driver.

  • Why do I need an RS232-to-RS485 adapter?

    Currently this is needed for a couple reasons. The most obvious is that this will allow you to use any COM port available on any CH processor. The primary reason is that although the hardware support RS485, the CH driver framework currently does not support utilizing it.

  • Is there a recommended RS232-to-RS485 adapter to use?

    Currently, we were able to successfully test using this DTECH adapter from Amazon. On a CP4R, we noticed that if you want to use COM 1, you will first need to select another COM port (such as COM 2) during install and then switch to COM 1. If you use any COM port other then 1, than you don’t need to do this. If you encounter any other adapters that work, you may let us know at We’ll update this post as we encounter other adapters that have been reported with success.

  • How do you add the shade controls to a keypad?

    You can add shade controls to your Keypads by creating quick actions. You can add these quick actions to any room. Then chose to have them shown or not on the UIs by selecting and editing the property using the eye symbol next to the quick action.

    Then you can reference the quick action on any keypad as shown in the next snapshot.

  • How can I control all the shades at once?

    In order to control all or a group of shades at once, you will need to pair all or the group of shades to a single channel. There is no special channel that allows controlling all the shades at once. If for some reason it’s not possible to pair multiple shades to a single channel, than an alternative is to define a quick action and add the shades you want to control to the quick action. The disadvantage with this option is that the shades will move in a staggered manner.

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