GUI Overview

Our systems provide the best user experience, we apply our integration control experience in homes, condo, high-rise living, commercial and marine projects, delivering custom-tailored systems. 

Alpha framework

Our user experience has been designed to provide intuitive controls for a wide range of products common in the automation industry, while maintaining a cohesive design language that focuses on ease of use.

Built in house from scratch, our framework gives us the ability to deliver projects faster and cheaper than before, with an improved level of control and usability for the client.

Some of our projects

Coast Framework (CH5/HTML)

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Built in house from scratch, our Crestron HTML5 framework gives us the ability to deliver projects in less time with the benefits of HTML5/CSS design advantages, without compromising control and usability offering an improved user experience and esthetics.

Crestron Home Drivers

Our 20 year experience working on Crestron Systems allow us to develop solutions that improves user interactions and usability between users and systems for Crestron projects. Is for this reason we have an online offering of drivers to integrate most common third party provider’s hardware compatible with Crestron Home. We are committed to provide top quality products by understanding the market needs and continue widening our offering. 

Check our  store to learn more about our drivers.

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