Elk Security Crestron Home™ PRO driver


This Crestron Home™ PRO driver controls an Elk security panel. It communicates via TCP/IP, provides keypad emulation and will require an ELK-M1XEP to be installed and properly configured.

Please make sure to read below the full description of the driver before purchasing.


  • Communicates via TCP/IP (Requires an ELK-M1XEP to be installed and properly configured with port 2101 enabled)
  • Includes commands for: Arm Away, Arm Stay, Bypass all, Disarm and provides system status
  • Supports Function Keys (Custom names can be set during driver configuration)
  • Emulates a Keypad for a single partition (Multiple driver instances can be added to control different partitions or different keypads)
  • Provide faulted zones list and ability to bypass individual zones.
  • Exposes Arm Away, Arm Stay, Disarm, Bypass all, and Function Keys through sequences.
  • Provides event notification when the system is armed or disarmed.
  • Provides ability for arm to vacation by pressing the Exit button a second time during the exit timer.

For a temporary test license or other question contact us through drivers@digitalautomation.us

Warning: We are aware of an issue with our ELK pro driver that may cause a slowdown on your Crestron Home System. The issue has to do with frequent updates to the faulted zone list, such as due to motion sensors being constantly tripped. We have reported the slowdown issue to Crestron with steps to reproduce and they have acknowledged and escalated to their UI team (this issue seems to be localized to Android). As a workaround, you can exclude motion sensors from being monitored in the driver Settings. Once we have a resolution from Crestron, we will let everyone know and make any appropriate updates, if needed.

Note: Due to the nature of this product, any and all sales are final, and NO refund will be issued. It is highly recommended and encouraged to use the built-in trial license to test the driver with your hardware setup before purchasing a full license. The trial period is 2 hours and can be extended another 2 hours by rebooting the processor.

Before calling, review the Driver help file and FAQ section for the Driver as our support is limited to questions about configuration and setup only. Any hardware configuration mentioned in the driver manual are the responsibility of the integrator. If you have hardware-related questions, such as wiring or addressing, we advise reaching out directly to the manufacturer for assistance. Additional support, beyond driver configuration, requires the purchase of service hours before guidance will be provided.

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy without notice.


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