How to Enable Logs on a Driver Using Toolbox Text Console?

Connect to the Crestron Home processor with toolbox text console

1. Send the command enableprogramcmd

2. Send the command ccdinfo . Look for the driver and take note of the driver ID.

3. Send the command ccdlogging ID on

4. Once all the needed information is gathered, send the command ccdlogging ID off . It is important to disable the ccdlogging at the end to avoid performance issues.

How come I can not control my Blackdove player?

One of the most common reason is the player name doesn’t match what was specified. Make sure the player name that you specified in the driver is spelled exactly (case-sensitive) as the name that was set in the Blackdove phone/tablet app. If you need to update, make sure you reboot the UI and the CH processor (so that the latest settings are loaded). If you have done this and still have no control, check to see if you can control the player in the Blackdove phone/tablet app. If you can not, than remove the device and re-pair. Once you confirm the player can be controlled with the Blackdove phone/tablet app, check the player name and reboot the processor and UI.

I get an error message about license invalid, what does that mean?

You need to register an account on our website and order a license for the Blackdove driver. The license is no-charge and per processor. This is to keep track of how many times the driver has been installed. You may request as many license’s as you have processors.

Login Credentials

The Driver should have the correct IP Address and appear online before it can attempt to log into the PDU.

  • Select and Premium series

Access to the control protocol is disabled by default, to block unauthorized access until properly set up. In the case of Select and Premium models, it will be unlocked at the first webpage login, when the password is set. The Crestron driver should username “user”, It might not work properly with the username “admin” the password entered on the driver should be the same as the password set for the Control System password in the PDW web interface section PASSWORDS settings

  • Premium Plus

When using the PremiumPlus, the protocol must be manually enabled via the checkbox in Device Setting -> Network Services -> Control Protocol. Being that the Premium+ has configurable accounts, there is no default “user” login for the control protocol. Instead, the login command’s username and password can reference any created user account that has admin rights and the control protocol enabled.

Will it work to control Atlona model xyz?

Very likely it will, even if it is not listed as officially supported by our driver. Atlona switchers generally use the same control codes across most of their models. The best way to find out is to use our driver’s built-in 30 minute trial period to test to make sure it controls the specific Atlona model you have, before purchasing a license.

Turn On Volume

After completing the routing configuration, go to “Customize Actions & Events”.

Then, Select the room and Media Zone Events.

Select “Media Zone On” on the left column. Choose “Sequence” and “Media Operations” in the middle column. Add a 1-second delay and a “Set Volume” from the Media Operation selection to the sequence. Enter the turn on room volume level (In %) in the dialog box that will appear when adding the Set Volume option.

After setting the start-up volume on CH, go to the Sonance configuration page and set the startup volume to the lowest level possible, in this example, -70. The intent is to have CH be the single point of control and to avoid any jumps in volume level when the room is turned on.

Maximum Volume Level

Each output provides the option to set the maximum volume level. The valid values range from -70 to 12 dB. No decimals, units, nor letters are allowed. Out of range values or invalid characters default the maximum value to 12 dB. 

When Crestron commands the amplifier, the maximum volume values set on the driver will take priority over the maximum levels set on the Sonance DSP amplifier web interface.

What are the supported models?

“AT-HDR-H2H-88MA”, “AT-HDR-H2H-44MA”, “AT-OPUS-810M”, “AT-OPUS-68M”, “AT-OPUS-46M”, “AT-OME-PS62”, “AT-UHD-PRO3-44M”, “AT-UHD-PRO3-66M”, “AT-UHD-PRO3-88M”, “AT-Juno-451”, “AT-UHD-SW-51”, “AT-UHD-SW-500ED”, “AT-UHD-SW-52ED”

The driver is not working for me, what can I do?

The first thing is to make sure your Atlona switcher is configured to not require secure login for telnet. That setting needs to be turned off. If you purchased a license, you need to make sure you put in the correct Crestron processor MAC address in when you purchased the license on our website. You than need to make sure you installed the correct driver. On the CH Setup App (and on Crestron’s driver portal), there are 2 versions of driver listed for the Atlona models. One is our driver and the other is from another company. You’ll need to go into the Info of the driver and access the Help file link to see which driver is the Digital Automation driver.

Volume level jumps whenever I turn my room on.

Please make sure that the start up volume on the Sonance is -70 to avoid the sudden volume jump whenever a room turns on. Please see the “Setting Start-up Volume” sections on the driver manual.