Why does the license only work for one year?

This has to do with Carrier wanting to charge access to their API based on usage. Should Carrier decide to backtrack on this decision, we will update so the license accordingly.

The driver doesn’t work after changing a user attribute.

The option “delete configuration file” should should remain unchecked. The driver saves the communication configuration into a file. When any user attribute value is changed, the driver is deleted (including the configuration file) and re-added again. If the driver is going to be removed permanently and not re-installed, the option “delete configuration file“ should be checked.

How can I send one physical input to many devices (driver) inputs?

Crestron Home manages input loop-outs using virtual adapters. The adapters are placed in the Crestron Home configuration as a hub between the source and the devices. The physical source is landed on the adapter’s input, and the adapter outputs are landed on the device’s input as needed. The most commonly used adapters are the Universal A/V Adapter and the Uncontrolled Generic A/V DA. They are shown under the “Other” category below “Drivers”.

Can I control more than one thermostat with this driver?

The driver only controls a single thermostat at a time. You will need to add additional driver instances, one for each thermostat (Eg. you have 5 AprilAire tstats, you will need to add 5 driver instances). If all the drivers are running on a single processor, you will just need one license key for all the AprilAire drivers.

How can I recall a preset position?

If the Somfy shade motor supports storing a Favorite Preset, than you can setup the shade to the desired position and save it as the “My” preset (please consult with Somfy for further details on how this is done). On the OEM remote, confirm that pressing the “My” button, when the shades are not moving, will move the shade to the desired position. Move the shade to a different position, now from Crestron Home, if shades are not moving and you press the “Stop” button for that shade, it should move it to the preset position.

What is the Instance Number for and what should I put in?

The concept of the instance number is the same as how it’s used in the Crestron SIMPL HVAC Scheduler module. The instance number is used to create a unique filename on the processor so that it stores the token information needed to make requests. In normal circumstances you can leave it as one. You would need to change the instance number if the thermostats were paired to separate user accounts and you wanted to provide them access to thermostats from both accounts. An example of this is if the main house thermostats are paired to one user account and the guest house thermostats are paired to a separate user account. If you want thermostats from both properties to show up, you would need to add 2 instances of the platform driver, and each instance would need a unique instance number to work properly.